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Regulatory & Compliance

The regulatory compliance requirements have increased in number and complexity and so has your regulatory compliance burden. The regulators have sharpened their focus on regulatory compliance and you/ financial institutions are under tremendous pressure to monitor and identify suspected illegal activity.

Our consultants help strengthen your regulatory compliance needs. We partner with you and stay involved, helping you achieve long-term compliance with regulations. When you need an effective, affordable first-rate regulatory compliance solution, experienced professionals are ready to help with services that include:

Our consultants will evaluate your compliance program from a high level perspective to identify gaps within your program that may need to be addressed as you prepare for supervision from your regulator. Our consultants provide an independent view of your written compliance program, policies and procedures and can suggest needed enhancements and improvements to bring you into compliance.

Whether you are an institution that has been supervised for years or an institution that is new to the regulatory and compliance field; our consultants will review written policy and procedures and analyze areas that could lead to a breakdown in your compliance analysis.

Regulatory compliance is too important to ignore and too important to trust to just anyone.

Our Regulatory & Compliance contacts are:

Linda Prinsenberg

Compliance Advisor

E: linda@hccnv.com

Norman Henriquez

Partner – Business Development & Advisory

E: norman@hccnv.com