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About Henriquez Croes & Co

What do we mean when we say HCC, established since 1968? We mean experienced and insightful solutions, ideas, attention to detail, expertise and results – we call it personalized client service.

At HCC HenriquezCroes&Co., we understand you want an advisor who can provide more than just accounting and tax solutions. Our partners, advisors and staff offer skills and expertise, character and communication skills necessary to help clients achieve their goals.

Accounting & Tax Solutions is at the heart of our business. Professional, prepared, attentive and ready to deliver our services with passion, respect, integrity, discipline and excellence.

HCC HenriquezCroes&Co. is a trusted, well-established accounting and tax advisory firm that understands your business and delivers the service you will value. That's what it means to say HCC, established since 1968!